SPMU Brows

Take back your mornings with semi-permanent brows. A treatment which includes everything you need to have gorgeous and precise brows that last. 

Unlike a tattoo, SPMU involves lightly implanting pigment (colour) into the top layer of skin. 

We can offer a blended treatment where we combine powder brows (via my SPMU machine) and microblading. This is especially beneficial for clients with sparse/no hair.

You will have 3 appointments:

Appointment 1: Consultation: We will discuss your concerns and get to know each other - I believe this is important so that you can make an informed decision. We will choose a bespoke blended colour that matches your hair & skin. We will also patch test you at this time to make sure you have no allergies to any of the products we will use. Brows are also waxed so the area is nice and clean and ready for the SPMU. 

60 minutes £40

Please note: If you proceed with SPMU, this will be discounted from the overall price.

Appointment 2: I will apply topical anaesthetic to the area to numb it.  Using sterile disposable needles & your chosen pigment (colour), we will replicate your natural brows. 

3 hours £199

The above price already has the discount applied for the consultation fee of £45

Appointment 3: Your brows will naturally fade from appointment 2 (due to the skin cell renewal), so this is a review 5 weeks after. We review your brows, tweak anything you don't like and add a touch-up to bring a deeper colour to the area. 

90 minutes £60

Colour Boost

As the skin sheds daily, the pigment implanted will fade over.  In order to keep shape and depth of colour to the brows, I recommend an annual top-up. We will check in with each other a year after your 5-week touch-up, and from there we can decide if colour boost can be held off for another while.

If you leave it longer than 18 months, then we need at the beginning again. Hence, it's more economical for you to book annually.

3 hours £199

How do I book this?

To book your SPMU session, please click the button below to visit my online booking page.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide a payment plan?

Yes, we can certainly discuss this at your consultation. Most of my clients split the cost over 6 weeks.

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